Cathay Dupont Awards: A pair of shoes wins top prize at Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014

At the Cathay Motion Picture Awards, you could say the winning team walked away with top honours.

Sole Sisters, a short film about a pair of shoes by writer-director Tom Zacharski and editor-cinematographer Sophia Phuong Dao, won Best Motion Picture at the annual short film competition, which is now in its third year. The team took home a cash prize of S$15,000, the biggest amount for a film-making competition in Singapore.

Organised by Cathay Organisation, the only movie exhibitor to organise an annual short film competition, this year’s theme was Sisters. It’s a nod to its first big-screen production in 15 years, Our Sister Mambo, which will stars Moses Lim, Michelle Chong and Siti Kalijah. read cathay dupont awards articles here…